Can spray foam insulation increase my property value?

Many homeowners find themselves asking "can spray foam insulation help increase the value of my home?". While each market is different, the short answer is almost always yes.

If you're looking for ways that you can increase the value of your home, let's dive into a few ways that spray foam insulation helps your home value.

Energy Efficiency

First and foremost, spray foam insulation will very likely improve your home's energy efficiency. This means less energy is wasted on heat or air conditioning leaking from your home and into the environment. Not only is this better for the environment, but it's also better for your wallet.

According to, a typical household in the U.S. spends more than $2,000 a year on energy bills. On average, spray foam insulation yields a 15% savings on heating and cooling costs. That means hundreds of dollars saved per year. That is an immediate value add for prospective buyers.

Air Quality

Spray foam insulation improves air quality by creating an airtight seal around the envelope of your home. This prevents mold and mildew from developing due to unwelcome moisture. It also ensures dirt, dust, and other irritants such as pollens or other allergens from the environment are not carried into the home through unsealed drafts.

What buyer doesn't want to breathe easier with fresher, cleaner air?

Noise Reduction

Ambient sound has a reputation for decreasing home values. Airports, highways, the neighbor's barking dog. All factors that can lead to less interest and thus lower market value for your home.

Fortunately, spray foam insulation is an effective sound barrier. By filling gaps and acting to absorb sound waves, a spray foam insulated home comes with more peace and quiet.

Hidden Benefits

In addition to those big three factors, there are a number of other equally important, but perhaps not as obvious benefits to spray foam insulation such as.

  • Prolonged life of heating/cooling appliances due to reduced wear and tear.
  • Protection from moisture damage that could cause rot and decay that leads to structural comprised.
  • Protection from rodents and other pests from entering and nesting in the home and causing additional damage.
  • Additional structural support due to strong foam binding and reinforcing the walls around the envelope of your home.


As energy costs continue to creep higher and buyers are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious about reducing their carbon footprint and energy waste, having an energy-efficient home is becoming a bigger priority.

High thermal efficiency, premium air quality, better privacy through noise reduction, and a myriad of other benefits make a spray foam insulated home a very enticing opportunity for prospective buyers and will often lead to a better home value.